Educational Development

Designs and implements activities that emphasize scholastic achievement, and educational learning, encourage higher scholarship and promote cultural awareness. Highlights community programs to address excellence in education, targeting underserved and underprivileged members of African-American communities. Tangible items of need (blankets, school supplies, books, brochures, etc.). Donated refreshments/meals are provided to all participants at each event.

“Success… Is What’s Next” – workshops facilitated by expert educators geared towards youth and parents; for the purpose of gaining knowledge that will lead to academic and life-long success. The tools learned will equip students to better govern themselves by making informed decisions about their future.

“May Week” – is a week of events/activities for community stakeholders (elementary, middle and senior students, teachers, parents, and others) in May. These events highlight academia proficiency in reading, professional achievements, and the importance of higher education.

Reading With the Stars – Promotes family literacy while highlighting teachers and students for their professional/scholastic achievements. “Minds Over Matter 4 Life” – Speaker(s) interact with students on how best to avoid negative peer pressure, make positive choices, avoid the dangers and unintended consequences associated with bullying/hazing; while providing action steps to avoid or eliminate said activities. The “Exuberance in Educating Award” – Recognizes Sorors who have gone above and beyond with their emphasis on the importance of higher education in the community.

“Xtra Years of Zest!” – XYZ activities provide retired and elderly community members with opportunities to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle. The goal is to transform lives for the better via cultural activities, arts and crafts, and interactive games.
“Remember, Reset, Restore!” – provides residents of homeless shelters with educational information, cultural arts presentations and featured guest speakers with whom the residents can identify with; as they “remember” their past (to understand previous challenges); “reset” their mindset (to encourage forgiveness of self and/or others); and to understand that they can “restore” their lives (to look forward to future opportunities for success).

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