Chapter History

History of South Broward Alumnae Chapter

On June 4, 2002, a curious Soror, Angela M. Hylor, contacted Delta Sigma Theta’s National Headquarters and Southern Regional Director, Dr. Paulette Walker, to make an inquiry into the boundary of the existing chapters in Broward County. Soror Hylor was the First Vice President of South Palm Beach Alumnae Chapter, however, she wanted to serve the community she resided in. During the fall of 2002, Soror Hylor and Soror Scherita Price-Wrentz, whose daughters attended the same school - quickly developed a strong relationship that included conversations on the benefits of another alumnae chapter based in Southwest Broward County. Soror Price-Wrentz introduced Soror Hylor to Soror Damarshall Moore at the Tampa Alumnae hosted Statewide Founders Day in January, 2003 and they scheduled the first West Broward Interest Group (WBIG) meeting for February 16, 2003. In attendance on February 16th were Sorors Angela Hylor, Janice Mitchell, Micheale Washington, Nyia Golden, Scherita Price-Wrentz, Damarshall Moore, and Edith Stansil.

WBIG’s March meeting had 13 Sorors in attendance, as word started to spread that Deltas in Southwest Broward county were researching the feasibility of a third Alumnae chapter. Many Sorors worshipped at The Fountain Ministries so the enthusiasm of a new Delta chapter grew. Meetings were held monthly, and additional Sorors were in attendance each month! They were all excited and ready to renew their commitment to Delta Sigma Theta.

Over the next several years, the West Broward Interest Group met nearly every month. They participated in service activities within the community such as school supply collection, adopting a black business, voter’s registration campaign, and assisting hurricane victims. They even hosted an Omega Omega Observance for a Soror who was a member of The Fountain Church. WBIG had representation at every State Cluster, State Founders Day, Delta Days at the Capitol, Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital, Regional Conference and National Convention. Their email listserv boasted over 60 sorors and the average meeting attendance was 30+ sorors.

In April, 2008, Southern Regional Director, Soror Christine Nixon, created an action plan for WBIG Sorors to establish a chapter in the next Sororal year. With God’s grace, the bond of seven years of close sisterhood and the desire to create a focused service approach in the South Broward community, South Broward Alumnae Chapter was chartered on April 17, 2009. With 300 supportive Sorors representing Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties in attendance, the rest, as they say, is Delta history.

Charter Officers

  • Charter President: Angela M. Hylor
  • First Vice President: Brenda Gillis*
  • Second Vice President: Ericka Davis-Haynes
  • Financial Secretary: Scherita Price-Wrentz
  • Recording Secretary: R. Denise Delaine
  • Corresponding Secretary: Eileen Davis-Jerome, Ed.D.
  • Treasurer: Velina Dixon
  • Chaplain: Sheila Rush
  • Journalist: Sheila Joseph
  • Parliamentarian: Zara Peters-Wynn
  • Custodian: Mary Lee-Green
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Linda M. Thigpen
  • Legal Advisor: Veronica Harrell-James, Esq.
  • Assistant Treasurer: Kimberly Gaines
  • Assistant Financial Secretary: Damarshall Moore
  • Alternate Recording Secretary: Charlene Collins
  • Alternate Corresponding Secretary: Angela Thomas-Dupree, Ed.D


Charter Members

Gail Adams, Mary Beasley, Beverly Bowen*, Robin Boclair, Kim Bradshaw, Alfreda Burden, W. Christie Burt-Holsendolph, Elizabeth Campbell, Nicole Clark, Qunea Gordon, Sharon Hall, Cassandra Joseph, Laquita Lee, Allyson Love, Kathy Manley, Vanessa McDonald, Elizabeth Rios, Ed.D. , Nikki Simon, Gwendolyn Smith, Lisa Starks, Elsie Stewart, Micheale Washington, Detra Wilder and Phyllis Williams.