Programs & Past Events

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, is a sisterhood of more than 350,000 college educated women. We are an international, private, non-profit, community service organization, committed to public service since our founding in 1913. Our purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. The major programs of the sorority are based upon the organization’s Five-Point Programmatic Thrust: Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement. For more information on the history of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., please visit:

South Broward Alumnae Chapter was chartered in 2009 and has made a huge impact in the South Broward community. A snapshot of our signature programs are below.


Economic Development

"Code Red" a program designed to encourage small businesses during the holiday shopping season. This program grew into an initiative to  support Black Businesses year round by showcasing a local business and promoting them all month long.

"Rebuilding Your Credit" informs the community about the factors influencing credit and what steps to take to build or rebuild credit towards a more positive credit score.

"Financial Fortitude" is a process that will help program participants to set and define goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and to put the plan into action. The process serves as a blueprint to address all aspects of personal finances. The initiative helps members of the Sorority spread financial education throughout our local communities.

Educational Development

Designs and implements activities which emphasize scholastic achievement, educational learning, encourage higher scholarship and promote cultural awareness.  Highlights community programs to address excellence in education, targeting underserved and underprivileged members of African-American communities. Tangible items of need (blankets, school supplies, books,  brochures, etc.). Donated refreshments/meals are provided to all participants at each event.

  • "Success… Is What’s Next" – workshops facilitated by expert educators geared towards youth and parents; for the purpose of gaining knowledge that will lead to academic and life-long success.  The tools learned will equip students to better govern themselves by making informed decisions about their future.
  • "May Week" – is a week of events/activities for community stakeholders (elementary, middle and senior students, teachers, parents, and others) in May.  These events highlight academia proficiency in reading, professional achievements, and the importance of higher education. Reading With the Stars – Promotes family literacy while highlighting teachers and students for their professional/scholastic achievements.  "Minds Over Matter 4 Life" – Speaker(s)  interact with students on how best to avoid negative peer pressure, make positive choices,  avoid the dangers and unintended consequences associated with bullying/hazing; while providing action steps to avoid or eliminate said activities.  The "Exuberance in Educating Award" – Recognizes Sorors who have gone above and beyond with their emphasis on the importance of higher education in the community.
  • "Xtra Years of Zest!" – XYZ activities provide retired and elderly community members with opportunities to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle.  The goal is to transform lives for the better via cultural activities, arts and crafts, and interactive games.
  • "Remember, Reset, Restore!" – provides residents of homeless shelters with educational information,  cultural arts presentations and featured guest speakers with whom the residents can identify with; as they “remember” their past (to understand previous challenges); “reset” their mindset (to encourage forgiveness of self and/or others); and to understand that they can “restore” their lives (to look forward to future opportunities for success).

International Awareness & Involvement

The International Awareness and Involvement Committee, a Five-Point Programmatic Thrust of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., focuses on actively helping with issues relevant to international communities and families.  This committee is dedicated to developing quality programs designed to provide educational awareness to international issues and disaster relief. Several of our community partnerships include the following: United Nations Association-Broward County Chapter, Broward County Health Department, Grand Bahama Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Immanuel Temple, Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church, and Broward College.  

Our current and past initiatives include:

  • MLK Day of Service (Winner of the 2018 Southern Regional Service Award) - The disaster relief project provided recovery assistance in the form of care packages to families in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Supplies were provided to communities that were affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.
  • World AIDS Day - This collaborative event focused on promoting HIV/AIDS awareness with the purpose of supporting efforts that promote reduction to exposure/infection among high risk populations.  Information was disseminated with members of the community concerning Broward County’s high rates status of new and HIV/AIDS cases in the United States.
  • Teen Summit - The goal of the Teen Summit is to provide an educational platform for high school students, with the support of school administrators, to discuss setting personal goals. The topics encompasses but is not limited to self-esteem building, developing healthy relationships, and continuing education. The program was first introduced in 2014 on the islands of Bimini and Freeport, Bahamas.
  • Help for Haiti - This clothing and personal items project provides donated school supplies and toiletries to local schools in Haiti. In 2018, the committee partnered with Immanuel Temple by contributing funds to help children in a sponsored orphanage.
  • International Bazaar - This outdoor extravaganza features international cuisine, arts and crafts, and fun for the entire family. Funds raised during the International Bazaar has helped support clean water initiatives in Africa and Haiti.
  • Treats for Troops - The international initiative was implemented to provide essential toiletries and supplies to troops stationed overseas. From this effort, we were also able implement another initiative which assisted a servicewoman stationed overseas.

Physical & Mental Health

As one of the Five-Point Programmatic Thrust, this committee has collaborated internally and externally with the sorority’s other Programmatic Thrust including:  Educational Development, Economic Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Political Awareness and Involvement. Sub-committee projects like “Code RED DST Bootcamp” and “Trap Yoga”, among others, provided much needed resources and opportunities for improved personal and community wellness within the chapter as well as in the south Broward community.  The Physical and Mental Health committee partnered with the Hallandale Police Department to provide its 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness event. The committee also spearheaded the South Broward Alumnae Chapter (SBAC) Inaugural 5K Run/Walk and partnered with the Lupus Foundation of America and March of Dimes of Broward County. This new community project supports and aligns with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.’s  Project 13 national initiative. The Physical and Mental Health committee is devoted to providing educational awareness on the subjects of physical and mental health-related issues, nutrition, and physical fitness. The goal is to highlight and close the gap in health disparities that continue to impact the African-American community in the South Broward area. These efforts have earned the Physical and Mental Health committee the “Committee of the Year” award for the 2017-2018 sororal year.

Political Awareness and Involvement

Our Founders formed Delta Sigma Theta Sorority with hopes that the organization would become a viable force in the movement for social change.

In March of 1913, nearly six weeks after its founding, several Delta Sigma Theta Sorority founders marched in the historic Suffragist March under the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority banner, the sorority’s first public act. Today, low voter turnout statistics highlight the need to continue to identify ways to include opportunities for all citizens to exercise their voting power.

Under the auspices of the National Social Action Commission, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. continues to institute programs that impact change.  That mission includes: addressing issues that affect public policy, economic viability, and social justice domestically and internationally; promoting leadership, advocacy, and empowerment among the membership to bring about effective solutions to social and political challenges; and establishing positions on emerging or perennial public issues.

Locally, the South Broward Alumnae Chapter (SBAC) has hosted voter registration drives and civic engagement seminars, among other programming.  In November 2017, the chapter hosted “Super Tuesday Tailgate: Running for Office,” a forum designed for public servants, campaign consultants, and others to share key insights about what makes a successful candidate and how individuals may get more involved in their communities.  In March 2018, SBAC hosted “Advocacy in Action: Loving Our Community to Action”, a Facebook Live event featuring local public officials sharing the message of the power of voting and civic engagement.